Second time around

  1. I'm going to schedule my exam for march 29. How much time do I really need to get things together to pass on my second time? I need some advice on passing the second time around
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  3. by   QuanaBSN
    I feel like you have to really dedicate yourself to at least 3-4wks of questions. I did about 90 or so a day. The week before my test I did questions everyday. Its really about understanding what you've missed and learning from that. Read the rationales because they will help you comprehend why that answer was the right choice over the others. Take it when you really feel confident and ready. You won't know everything but know the main things such as isolation precautions, priority, and delegation etc. I just took my test on Thursday and passed thats how I know just a heads up!! God Bless and I'm sure you will do fine you just have to believe in yourself!
  4. by   reneesalley
    Thank you so much! I'm sure this will help.