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Scores not improving?

  1. 0 I'm taking NCLEX RN soon. I've been answering Saunders and so far I feel stuck I have already taken maybe around 600-700 questions and scores are always around the 64-65%. Saunders questions are pretty easy and I know I'd have to get at least 75% to feel confident. I even took Exam Cram questions and got pretty much the same percentage. Any advice? Should I just continue like this and review the rationales?
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    I also wonder what it takes to get a reply on here
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    I just passed the NCLEX in sept. I did Saunders study questions and any free iPhone ap with NCLEX quizzes I could find. I got shut off at 75 ?s and passed. I feel taking practice questions helped the most u already know what u need to know from going to school u need to hone your ability to read a ? And understand what's being asked and narrow it down. I got a ton of ?s on my NCLEX that I was like wth?!?!?!? They didn't go over this in school ?!?!! I only missed one day ! Lol it's not about knowing everything it's about knowing the fundamentals and being able to work your way to the right answer based on the information u do know. Good luck !!