Scheduled Date For NCLEX RN

  1. I'll be taking my NCLEX RN exam on Sunday, though I've studied enough to be prepared for the exam I'm still nervous cause I feel I need more time to be informed about it. How can you know that you've studied and practiced enough to take the exam?

    Warmest Gratitude In Advance
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Good luck, MJUNE! Have you taken any practice tests or gone through practice questions?
  4. by   StarMatrix17
    I'm doing question Trainer 5, 6, 7 over and over from my Kaplan Class. I'm also practicing questions from meds pub NCLEX-RN Success program. I'm also doing the CD questions in 3rd Edition Saunder plus reading the pointers in each chapter. Still I feel I need to practice more questions until friday. On Saturday I'll just browse lab values, diagnosis treatments. medications.

    Hoping I'll pass the NCCLEX RN by Tuesday morning in God's Grace!:angel2:
  5. by   dalegirl
    I took Kaplan and I passed with 75 questions, I got 61-63% in trainers 5,6,7. Hope this helps. Study infection control, know it well