Round 3 with the nclex

  1. So i have previously failed my nclex twice and im ready to tackle it again for the third time ....... im scared and i have been totally avoiding the whole situation i have even had a total career change smh i just change subjects if anyone mentions it to me its just devastating for me im here because i need encouragement everybody i have not been studying at all and i fear that i dont remember anything i was very close to passing my last go round and that just crushed me to find that i was sooo close to pursuing my dream im readyyy now what would be my best course of action here to get prepared to tackle this beast.... i would make the best nurse ever i am compassionate and very smart i just have to jump this nclex hurdle..... please feel free to leave me any suggestions and comments and if anyone is standing or has stood in my shoes please share im sooo past the being sorry for my self phase its time to step up to the plate....... thanks for listening guys
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Good luck.
  4. by   sexxilpn
    thanks a million