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Question about NCSBN Online NCLEX Review

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    I want to do the NCSBN online nclex review, but I want to split the cost with a friend in my program. I haven't signed up yet, but do you know if they have a way that keeps two people from being to access the content on the same account? Like they won't ask the same two questions or something? You may say we should each buy our own access, but when money is tight it is good to share right?!

    Does anyone have experience with this review or has shared the review with a friend?

    Feedback is much appreciated!!
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    No one's done this review?
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    I have done this review and loved it. I don't think there is a way where you can share it. I would highly recommend it though. All the questions are good questions. Good luck on your test!
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    I highly recommend this reviewer! I both the 3 week review and I passed the 4th time!, I suggest get your own, it totally benefit your reviewing!