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Question about NCLEX

  1. 1 Hi all! I'm starting clinicals next month and am wondering exactly what will be on the NCLEX...? Is it everything from gen ed to the last class in clinicals or is it just what we learn during rotations and theory?
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    Here's a great NCLEX resource:
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    ANYTHING can be on NCLEX. Anything.

    Mine was loaded with stuff I'd never heard about in nursing school but luckily, I'd learned enough about critical thinking that I could answer correctly and pass the first time!
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    Study saunders, it'll give you a general idea of what is the test about. Basically it's All of it. Practice questions always....

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    Saunders book and doing lots of questions and reviewing rationales of course will put you through......the test is very random (several questions which you have never ever heard about) but it is a possible exam.
    Good Luck!