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  1. 0 What percentage do you need to score on the Hurst tests to pass NCLEX, I just took my first one and got a 67, so now I'm a bit nervous. Does anyone have thoughts about what my goal on the review tests should be. I really only want to take the NCLEX once. Help please!
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    I did the Hurst live review last wed-fri and then took my NCLEX-RN on Saturday. I passed with 75 questions. I loved Hurst. Don't worry about what your actual score is but what and why you are getting the questions wrong. I was only scoring like a 74 on the tests on Hurst. Also make sure you do the delegation and prority sections and I would brush up on your infection control. Just remember you can do this! And Good Luck! Another little tip take a break if you need it. Sometimes just getting up and clearing your head can make a huge difference when you are testing.
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    Dont' worry about percentages.. I was getting in the low 60's and still passed NCLEX RN with 75 questions a couple of weeks ago. You've done yourself a good thing by purchasing Hurst so you will be fine. Good luck!
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    Does hurst have a qbank like kaplan?

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