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  1. 0 Alright I'm flipping out I got the good pop up yesterday after taking NCLEX. Had 75 questions. Came to work today and one guy said it won't let you get to te credit card page anyway because you have to wait 3 months before retaking if you failed. Any truth to this???
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    I got the good pop up too, after 48hrs checked with quick result and passed. So i say Congrats!
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    I don't think there is truth to that. I have heard multiple times of people getting to the cc page who've failed. Never the other way around. You can reschedule anytime it just has to be for after the timeframe. You've passed. Congratulations!
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    When I took the NCLEX for the first time and failed it took me straight to the cc page only a few hours after the exam. When I took it the second time I got the good pop up about an hour after the test and I passed.

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