PVT does NOT always work...

  1. So we all thought it works.. I too was a believer of it.

    So my friend who took the test back in August failed. Got the "bad" pop up/credit card page.. then a few days later got the letter with her record saying what sections she needed to work on.

    Fast forward to October.. she takes the test again, gets 75 questions.. not as many SATA as she expected.. last question was priority.. left like she failed, and went home did the trick, and got the "bad" pop up/credit card page.. a few business days later, her card from CA license board comes in... she did indeed pass. Her name was on the website after.

    So it seems that it works MOST of the time, but not ALL the time.. good luck to everyone else!
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  3. by   nirj
    it worked for me! took NCLEX yesterday...got the good pop up...this morning I found my name in BON website!
  4. by   rndream06
    Thank you for sharing!!!
  5. by   cjdmomma
    I guess what people are finding are that if you get the good pop up, you passed. if you get the "bad" pop up, it means you PROBABLY failed.