Primary ID for NCLEX

  1. I recently noticed that on my dirvers license I forgot to sign my middle initial. It clearly states my name with my middle initial. Do you think I will have a problem being able to take the NCELX??
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  3. by   unknown99
    No, you won't have a problem. Mine is the same way, and I was able to take the NCLEX with no problem.
  4. by   Neuro_Nurse
    Thank you for responding, that makes me feel MUCH better. I just noticed it today and I take my test on Tuesday. I was really worried about them not letting me test. I never realized that I forgot to sign my middle initial.

    Once again THANK YOU!!!!
  5. by   unknown99
  6. by   Neuro_Nurse
    I am nervous about taking it, but I know that I need to have confidence in myself. The whole ID really worried me becuase I didn't know if they really even looked at your signiture and I would have hated to have them tell me that I would not be able to test. Did they say anythin about your signiture not matchin???


    I will let you know how things turn out!