Preparing for NCLEX 2013

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    I'm feeling OKAY during my studies (reviewing Kaplan content purple book, doing Kaplan questions and Lacharity PDA questions daily)...I wonder if you ever feel "ready", you know?

    I'll post my scores in a bit to receive some feedback from my peers in either the same situation or those who have completed NCLEX prep and successfully taken their boards.

    Ok so LaCharity PDA scores as follows:
    ch. 1-4 n/a (sorry didn't start keeping track until ch. 5)
    ch. 5 - 60.8%
    ch. 6 - 68.5%
    ch. 7 - 64.7%
    ch. 8 - 78.5%
    ch. 9 - 73.6%
    ch. 10 - 61.9%
    *still in the process of doing the others

    Kaplan scores as follows:
    Diagnostic - 60.6%
    Readiness - 69.4%
    Focused review tests (30 qs each) - av. about 60-80%
    Q Trainer 1 - 72%
    Q Trainer 2 - 73.3%
    Q Trainer 3 - 7 I'll be doing over the next week

    Q bank - eh maybe 60-65% average? I did the whole q bank and I'm not about to add and divide for average lol

    There ya have it thus far...what do you guys think? Will I ever FEEL ready?? I'll keep you updated on other question trainers, for those prepping for summer 2013 NCLEX - let me know how you are all doing.

    Happy studying!
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    Goodluck your Grade was looking good
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    You look like ur doing really well so far!
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    ha I hope...still don't take my boards for about 2.5 weeks! So nervous
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    Are you prepping too?
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    if you're scoring like that on kaplan, that is very good sign. I scored around 63-68% on Kaplan and passed with 75. Just do ALL the qbank and qtrainer questions, diagnostic and readiness test then you should be good to go.
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    Thank-you for your encouragement! Yeah Kaplan is pretty hard and I feel the 2 hours a day of content review help. Idk though, I just hope I feel "ready" in a couple weeks. Did you? it's like I don't know what else to do lol I only have question trainer 3-7 left!! So I guess shoot for 60 or above on that?
    2 weeks until boards!!!
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    Even as I walked into the testing room to sit for the NCLEX, I was still asking myself the same question "Am I ready?" You may never feel "ready" because you just don't know what questions are going to be thrown at you, however that does NOT mean you aren't actually ready to take the exam. Your scores look great, just relax, be confidant and think positive! Oh, and by the way I Passed on my first attempt, so again, don't worry to much about feeling ready.
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    @vannyze thank-you. Yeah I only intend on taking this exam ONE time lol
    I'll just keep prepping for the next 2 weeks and do my best! thanks
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    Did you do the Kaplan sample tests? There are 4 or 5 of them. I forgot they were even there. They were good. Good luck with everything!
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    Hi @bridg0809
    Yeah sample test 1- 60%
    sample test 2 - yet to do
    sample test 3 - 90%
    sample test 4 - 30% (UGHH that was the select all that apply one)

    So yeah I'm going to do sample 2 too and then I really only have q trainers 3-7. Oh and I can keep hacking away at LaCharity...
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    Your kicking butt!! Keep it up : )
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    Think so!? Um that made my night! LOL

    P.S. I mean yeah test 3 was high but I find the priority, delegation questions/test so obvious so I'm more worried about my tests by the 60s...I don't like that number!!!

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