Preparing for 3rd time- nclex-rn Preparing for 3rd time- nclex-rn | allnurses

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Preparing for 3rd time- nclex-rn

  1. 0 Hello everyone, This is my first post.

    I am a foreign nurse with a B.S.N & now am here in CA preparing for the 3rd time for NCLEX-RN. It has been a long journey for me preparing for this exam. I don't know much about here, so this is the sole site I rely on. Please guys, if you are reading this thread, guide me: what to study and which book to refer to? Currently I'm confused between Saunders & Maryann Hogan. I don't understand what's happening with me and the NCLEX because I was above average in my nursing school. Maybe the past failures are so disheartening that I have lost all my mindset and concentration.

    Please help me. I pray to God daily too. This forum is overwhelming, I'm reading all the success stories and gaining some confidence gradually.

    I practised HESI and NCSBN, which I guess didn't suit me.

    Please guys, feel free to advise me, I would greatly appreciate that.

    Thank you in advance.
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