1. 0 I am two months away from graduating..

    I have done prepu a lot and now I'm ready to practice for the NCLEX.. I have an iPhone and I really would like to get some opinions on the best apps to prepare for the exam

    I have been doing Lippincotts med surg, fundamentals and health assessment and honestly I'm not sure if those are the best way to study..

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!!
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    none of those books help..Kaplan is closest to the questions....but NCLEX questions are sooo different..
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    Oh boy.. now I'm really nervous ;( I guess I will just try to do as many questions from different sources. Lets hope practice makes passing
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    Focus on one material too many will confuse you! Trust me I'm on numb 3. I used Kaplan this time I love it!

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