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This poll is a follow on from the pearsonvue trick poll which asks if you got good or bad pop up. Please do not post any questions in here regarding the pearsonvue trick, they will be deleted, please post them in the relevant... Read More

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    The only question I have is how long after taking NCLEX can you do the pearsonvue trick? I sit for boards on 1/5.

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    you can try the trick once you take the exam and you log in to your acct and it says delivery successful trust me the pvt trick works it worked for me good luck and pray.
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    It worked for me with the "old" good pop up!!! It was ready when I got home from the test. Also, 3 days after I took it, I saw my name on the CA BRN website! The weird thing is, I got my actual license in the mail the day I saw my name on the board website but didn't get my "official" results in the mail yet. But the actual license on hand is good enough for me!
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    has ANYONE gotten either of the good pop ups and failed? I took my boards on Saturday (01/14/2012) and have gotten the "old" good pop up about 17000 times. All of my classmates that passed were able to see their license # on the KS BON site the same day. My licnese # has not shown up on the KS BON site. I realize that the BON may not post results on weekends (unfortunately for me, Monday is a holiday so it won't post then either if that's the case), but I'm still pretty worried. My test shut off at 77 questions and I had quite a few recognition/recall questions. I also had A LOT of SATA. Basically, I've searched this site OVER AND OVER trying to see if ANYONE has gotten the good pop up and failed. I haven't found one yet.
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    Worked for me passed RN now
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    PVT worked for me and a handful of others that I know ! I just found out that I passed a couple of hours ago and I'm still on cloud 9! This trick kept me sane!
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    Worked for me, received my license# already. Good luck everyone.
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    Worked for me. Test shut off at 75 questions after about 45 minutes of testing, drove home and got the "good" popup. Texas BON had my name on there about 36 hours later, before PV even had opened up the ability for me to pay for the 48 hour results. Got my license in the mail this past week. Good luck everyone!
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    Took my Pn boards yesterday and felt like crying after hving only the min. amt of questions...i thought for sure i failed!! did the trick and it said i passed....i was totally not convinced until this morning i checked and I PASSED MY BOARDS!!! believe in the trick it works!!!
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    it worked for me i passed also another way i thought i passed and im not sure if other ppl know about is if you pass the licensing web site thru the state looks different under requirements not met the nclex results which are in red is removed (awhile after you take test)and says nothing ..then later it says congratulations...if you dont pass the nclex results in red never goes away...

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