Pearson Vue Trick

  1. 3 Well, it's official, or at least according to my state board....I passed the RN Exam.

    I posted to reemphasize that the PVT doooooeeeeessss work. I took my exam this morning, went to my car and tried the trick, the system gave me the good "pop-up" saying contact your state board of nursing. This was 10 minutes after walking out of the testing facility's door! Two hours later, the status of my application on the board's website had been updated with "pass" on my exam results. So, as of this date, the trick still works.

    I registered for this site back in 2004, after completing an LPN Program. I am so grateful for all of the information that I'm able to view here. I actually used info from some of the post to assist with studying for the NCLEX. Thanks to all who help to make us all nurses!
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    Happy for you!! Congratulations!!
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    YAY!! Congrats!!
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