Passed with 265 and got good pop up

  1. Just found out I passed my NCLEX and could not be happier. It took me four hours to finish all 265 questions. I left that testing center crying. I could not even for the life of me remember the last question I had so I could research the answer. I then did the PVT, and got the good pop up. It helped calm my nerves a little bit but knowing my bad luck, I knew I would be that person who the PVT will not work for. Waiting for 48hrs to lapse was even worse. But I just did quick results and had PASS next to my name. I'm now a firm believer in the PVT and for anyone whose computer doesn't shut off at 75, just remember every question you get after that still means you're in the game. Don't give up and answer to the best of your ability
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    Good for you. I took NCLEX twice; reached 265 on both and still failed. Now that's what you call bad luck.
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