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    So, i took my NCLEX RN last sept.23 and i just found out today that i PASSED the FIRST TIME!!!!!! I had 265 questions and believe me my brain was fried!! Lol. After i took the exam, tried the PVT 30mins later and my result was on hold, then after 24 hours, i finally got the infamous good pop up!! I cried so hard when i saw that pop up! And just kept on thanking GOD on my mind. Hehe

    First of all i could'nt have done this without GOD by my side, my family who supported me all throughout my review until my examination day. And ofcourse with HARDWORK, PATIENCE and FAITH. I also want to thank this allnurses site because this was the site that kept me going all thru out my NCLEX journey. Whenever i feel like my scores are'nt enough on my practice tests, i would just read successful stories from here and i would then decide to study some more and just be POSITIVE. i have always thought that if i pass my exam, i would post my story here too to inspire other people to get going with their NCLEX and never lose hope. I am a foreign graduate from the Philippines.

    I attended a review class last may this year at EXCELL REVIEW. But at that time i dont have my eligibility yet. So, i just decided to just wait. Then it just came to me that to be able to pass this exam, i have to work hard for it. So i started reviewing first week of august til the day of my exam. I made my own study plan and i would study per topic like, pediatrics, medsurg, o.b and psych. At the end of the day i will answer 100-150 questions about the certain topic i studied for the day and rvaluate myself if i have learned something. Now, dont get discouraged if you get a low score like 50s-60s. Because i myself i would always feel that way before. Haha! Just think it this way, YOU WON'T LEARN IF YOU MAKE NO WRONG

    READ every questions RATIONALE! That is VERY IMPORTANT! YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND why you made it RIGHT AND WRONG.. Just keep on reading! but dont stress yourself too hard though! Have a rest day in a week. May it be 1-2days. Its up to you. Do what works for you. STAY FOCUSED! In my case, i PRAY everyday and think YOU WILL PASS THIS EXAM! If others can do it, why cant you, right?

    These were the materials i used:

    *EXCELL REVIEW LECTURES (this review was more of a content review, so if you think you're weak on those, you have to really brush up on your core content. Because no matter how high the level of questions they give you on the exam, you'll get it if you mastered this.)
    *SAUNDERS 5th ed BOOK (i tried reading all in this book but i just cant. There were just too much to study for me. But if you have a specific topic to look up to, you could rely on this one because i feel like this book covers everything! I answered all the chapter test on this book though.. Oh! And used the CD too for questions!)
    *PDA by LACHARITY (this book was a HUGE HELP for me since i got a TON of PRIORITY questions and some delegation & assignment. Answered it twice. I scored 57% overall on my first try and 78% on second. I answered chapters 1-18)
    *LIPPINCOT Q&A 10th ed (a week before my exam, took all the Comprehensive Questions at the back and read all the rationales.)
    *KAPLAN QTRAINER that i found in net. (I scored 50-60 on their qtrainers and read the rationales again)

    That was all the materials i used. 2 days before my test i didnt study at all. Just relaxed. Watched netflix. Me and my family went to the mall. Then we went for a mass on a sunday because my exam was on monday. I was scared because i felt guilty for not studying and that i would fail. But when i tried studying and answering, i cant absorb everything. So i just thought that i should'nt push myself too hard. I/you have come a long way preparing for this test, and just PRAYED...


    Here's a prayer i did before i went to my testing center.. I hope this would help you too

    +Prayers to St. Joseph of Cupertino for Success in Examinations+

    O Great St. Joseph of Cupertino who while on earth did obtain from God the grace to be asked at your examination only the questions you knew, obtain for me a like favour in the examinations for which I am now preparing. In return I promise to make you known and cause you to be invoked.
    Through Christ our Lord.
    St. Joseph of Cupertino, Pray for us.

    Remember, when you succeed in the exams then you should thank St. Joseph of Cupertino in the Newspaper.

    Im so sorry for my long post. I just had to share my story to help and inspire anyone here so they can PASS NCLEX too! BELIEVE in yourself! Never doubt what you can do, because you'll never know how far you can go from here. CLAIM IT AND YOU'LL HAVE IT! GOD HAS A BIGGER PLANS FOR YOU!!!!
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    Congrats and thanks for sharing. I take mine in a few days. How does the PVT work?
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    Good luck and god bless you! Will definitely include you in my prayers. Its where you reregister again for the exam and when it takes you to the credit card page, meaning failed or the good pop up, "records indicates you have recently registered for this test please contact bon. an appointment can not be scheduled at this time" means you passed..
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    Thanks a lot. Would definitely try it afterwards!
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    congrats kabayan! btw, when did you graduate and where? im 2009 graduate. mine will be tomorrow, im so nervous. getting high 70's to low 80's for kaplan q trainers, i don't know why, while im not that really class A student making me more nervous and doubtful about my scores, maybe questions were familiar out from what i read all throughout my review, done all 5000 questions for saunders CD, also lippincott CD about 4000q, and FEUER for my content with 1300+ q, i also done pda and getting average of high 60's-70's, also some 50's. what do you think? i need to calm my nerves. helppp
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    I graduated 2011 kabayan! will pray for you.. Your scores are waaaay better than mine! im pretty sure you can do it tomorrow. Just believe and don't doubt yourself! Just take a deep breath and try diverting your attention for now. Hehe! Let me know tomorrow how'd it go.
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    Congratulations kabayan! Il be taking mine this thursday and Im so nervous. I hope we all pass too just like you. Thanks for sharing your story. Its inspiring. 😊
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    thanks kabayan! may i ask how many SATAs you have in your exam? was the exam really hard? or do you think questions were fair and its just the anxiety that will make it difficult?
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    Quote from michelleIP
    Congratulations kabayan! Il be taking mine this thursday and Im so nervous. I hope we all pass too just like you. Thanks for sharing your story. Its inspiring. 😊

    I made it, and i know you will too kabayan!
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    Thank you so much!!! 😊😊😊

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