Passed my RN boards on the 4th try!!! | allnurses

Passed my RN boards on the 4th try!!!

  1. 0 I took my boards on 10/12... I did 265 questions in 5 hrs.. Pvt trick with good pop up!!! Im so excited..The only thing I used this time was Nclex for dummies book and Nclex3500 question...Thats all u need to use to pass.. Read the book first and afterwards do the nclex3500 like a charm..I wish I did this the first time around:-( But i finally did it!!! I only got 2 math questions..40 select all that apply which was hella easy..priority..lots of pharm..God is good
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    congratz for being a RN
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    congrats naija sis. i hope i pass my RN nclex when i take it this month.
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    Congrats chioma!
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    Thanks guys!!!
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    Congratulations I'll be testing for the 3rd time in December
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    hi i just need some advice and motivation. COGRATS to you. I've taken the exam $ times and still havent passed. I live in philadelphia< do you know any private tutor? Please !

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