Passed my nclex pn

  1. 0 I'm so excited that I passed. I took about two hours and it cut off at 85 I was so nervous. I did the pearsonvue trick and it indicated that I passed. I still wasn't convinced. I called the state board the next day and they confirmed it. I got my actual documentation yesterday and I am so amped. Anybody that is preparing to take it, you will do great just take a deep breath and don't look too much into the questions. Good luck future test takers
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    Congratulations to you!
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    hi did any of u have to wait almost a week for the result i did the pvt iam still having hard time review my exam
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    hello every one i pass thank you god it was in my side he never left me alone
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    Quote from pasc36
    hello every one i pass thank you god it was in my side he never left me alone
    Amen sister
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    Congrats to u!! What material or strategy u use to study, I'm send my paper waiting to get the test day, & its make me so nerves

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