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Passed my nclex RN

  1. 3 I took my nclex lpn 2 years ago with 85 questions one time, and nclex rn yesterday passed with 75 first time. Very happy God is great all the time.
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    How did u prepare for it and which books were you using?
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    congrats i passed mine too sooooooooo excited.wanted this for a long time.
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    Kaplan kaplan
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    congrats...any tips?
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    Sanuders!! read the Rationales!
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    Thank you
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    i failed! took mine yesterday. "bad pop up"... congratz!
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    Congrats!!! I hope I can repeat your success... took my PN in 2010... passed 1st try in 85. Used Saunders and HESI. Taking my RN next month hopefully (waiting on ATT) this time I am using Kaplan and Hurst.