Passed my NCLEX-RN! My NCLEX Review Material Tips - page 12

After graduating, I failed the NCLEX twice. I was overwhelmed with the internship and not knowing what/how to study for the exam. Also, was overwhelmed with real life stuff after graduating nursing... Read More

  1. by   Lindarn2015
    I can totally relate with you. Did not pass on my first attempt (75 questions). I did all the stuff, my school paid for the test and had a cap on when we should take it, if not I would have moved the date. A lot of my classmates passed but I did not. I plan on retaking it. Someone said that she used the tutors from the state board of nursing.
  2. by   Rechilda
    A big Help! ThankYou Sooo Much! I'm preparing for the NCLEX this coming February 2015, I'll try to cover all you're review materials. I'm actually looking for Maryanne Hogan's book. Hope I can find one soon! God bless to you IceStar817! Hope everything is well!������
  3. by   hero.nurse
    Thank you! I will use this for NCLEX!
  4. by   apoldabid
    Anyone applying in New York State?
  5. by   CarmelD
    Congratulations. Thank you so much, this is the BEST advise I have received for studying. I am so overwhelm with all of the study materials I have collected and I don't know where to start. I am waiting for my ATT number and do not plan on taking it until the end of July so I have time. Wish me luck. Once again Thank you and Good luck!
  6. by   twalkerny
    Truly are the best when it comes to my study thanks so much!!!!
  7. by   Salman88
    Yes I am
  8. by   BendynaCajuste
    Can someone please help me cause I can't open the link for the LAB....I will really appreciate it.
  9. by   Norvelas
    is the Maryann Hogan 2nd edition book still worthwhile to get? it seems a bit old to be viable still, but i am seeing a bunch of reviews on amazon that it still good
  10. by   ajie

    I just want say thank you for sharing. Your advices are super helpful. I pass my NCLEX. Thank you so much.
  11. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Too many resources can be as bad as not enough
  12. by   Zack1996
    Did you feel that the Kaplan trainers were enough questions? and what do you feel is the best overall content review?
  13. by   sarahpettus18
    The elsevier adaptive quizzing is great. I have access codes if anyone would want one DM me. I have the NCLEX-RN one and the HESI Assessment- patient reviews with RN case studies and practice test.