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Pass nclex on the 7th try

  1. 2 Before I pls pardon my grammar because I'm testing from my phone. The story begins;
    I graduated from nursing school in 2011 may. I took the nclex first time in October failed with 75, question, feb 2012, may 2012, July 2012, October 2012, December 2012 and finally pass yesterday did the pvt trick and I got da pop up. Pvt is accurate failed 6times credit card and pass yesterday pop up. The reason I'm writing this story is to motivate u guys not to give up on your dream anything is possible with God. Make sure u know ur content doing question is a waste of time if u don't know content. The first 6times that I took the nclex I was only doing questions and the last time I took it I read Maryhogan Book cover to cover except for the medication because I kind of understood medication. iPhone apps, ati, ECG app,nclex qbank clinical strategy medical, Davis cd, Kaplan q bank, fuer lecture that I found on this website.
    Read priority delegation cover to cover la charity including case study no short cuts if you want to pass. Previously I have done hurst review, nclex 4000. I want to thank everyone that supported me on this website. I know there are a lot of undercover people that are preparing to take the nclex and have questions about anything regarding nclex and wouldn't ask. Don't be shy ask question even thoo it's da dumbest question because who know that might be the question you need to pass nclex. Thanks for all the support
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    Your story is so encouraging. CONGRATULATIONS

    Do you feel Hurst helped?
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    Hey congratulation I'm so happy for you. I'm taking my test on April 17 this going be my 4th try I'm doing Kaplan and I'm doing Mary hogan book so plz give me a feed back should I stay with Mary hogan book and keep doing question frm Kaplan . Plz help me.
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    Yes hurst is very good but I don't think it's enough to pass nclex. Content wise wonderful but you need to use another source to practice critical thinking questions. Like me I used Kaplan.
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    Harp....Mary hogan is a very good book. When u r reading make sure you right things down as u read take notes. Even thoo u know the signs and symptoms still right them Down when studying because u retain content. If you do that u will pass but believe in ur self don't go in with low self esteem
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    Yes u are on the right track keep doing question from Kaplan espicially the qbank finish to 100% an read rationals too
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    Thank you I'm doing Hurst for content & Kaplan for questions but made a 50 on QTrainer 7 last night. I've already failed twice
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    Congrats n thanks for ur post.
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    Indeed, with God ALL things are possible! Congratulations!
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    congratulations! And to all of you who have failed multiple times...don't give up, remember you worked hard to get this far! WISHING EVERYONE THE BEST OF LUCK!
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    Seven times? I thought you could only take the nclex three times?

    Either way, congratulations!
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    Oloj1@ thank you so much I'm reading the Mary hogan and Kaplan question if I you guys think I need to study plz let me know ,

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