Omg i think i passed nclex pn!

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    I took my nclex pn exam earlier 2day! It was scheduled 4 2pm but got there @ 1 p & was @ the computer by 115! It stop @ 85 i was our about 3ish! I had 30 sata no drags or drops, a few priority, no calulation, & a few drugs that THANK GOD I KNEW SOMETHING ABOUT! I just tried the trick 2 re-register & i got the our records indicate blah blah another test cant be scheduled contact your BON! OMG! OMG! OMG! I cant wait til monday or tuesday to check my board website! I have been stressed to the max worrying about this test! Lawd i hope i passed
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    Congrats. That sounds like a pass to me!
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    congrats Mrsladysoul83. I have been following your post for awhile now, and I have to say that you are truly and inspiration. I hope to be in your shoes 15 months from now.
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    Congratulations, was the SATAs hard, I am so nervous about those, I never seem to get the whole this right and I am extremely nervous about those, please help I take my boards in two days and I'm freaking out!
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