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    So, I took the NCLEX on 9/16. I did the PVT and got the positive message. I hadn't gotten my finger prints yet and wasn't able to do them til just this past Saturday. When I checked the NJ BON website today. My status said pending. When I looked that the checklist, it said my background check was checked (10/15), but my NCLEX is still unchecked. Did I fail? Did the PVT not work for me? I just did it again today and it still tells me I cannot register. Can someone shed some light for me? If I need to retake the NCLEX, I need to get on it ASAP.


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    This is interesting. I am in TX and I took my NCLEX today. I thought Pearson Vue doesn't issue you an ATT without having the paperwork & etc. filed. Is it different in some states? If I were you, I would contact the NJ BON. Good luck and I hope you find your answer soon!
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    The NJ BON moves really slowly and it takes them a while they claim to get the results. What i would do is call them and bug them because that is the only way they'll get all your stuff done in a timely manner.

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