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New here?nclex soon?

  1. 0 Hi am new here in this website?..

    I'm taking my exam very soon until I get my att next month..

    Any tips for study schedule?..
    I'm a night owl so I can only study at night and also i'm working during the day..

    I tried studying but i keep on procrastinating coz I don't have my ATT yet..

    Thanks for your suggestions in advance.
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    Just remember that the longer you procrastinate, the harder you are making the process. Good luck.
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    study at night is something I try to do, but because I have 2 kids I am exhausted at the end of the day....So...I study during the day (stay at home mom) between errands. Either way, factor 2 hours a day to study and go over key points and prioritizing and SATA (select all that apply) questions. Pharm too....good luck. My test date is 08-05-11

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