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    Hey guys,

    I'm new to allnurses and I just graduated dec 18. I just now got my ATT today thanks to my ever so slow and disorganized school. I scheduled my test for feb 1. I have been studying since the end of dec doing Kaplan provided by the hospital I accepted a position at. I have read the entire book some chapters more than once, went to the live class all last week, And i have done all but 56 of the Qbank questions with an average of 70%. My test scores are:

    Diagnostic: 60
    Qt 1: 65.3
    Qt 2: 62.7
    Qt 3: 56.0
    Qt 4: 65.3
    Qt 5: 66.0
    Readiness: 68.3

    I'm waiting to do 6 and 7 until closer to my test date. I'm just super nervous and I've heard my scores are good but its hard for me to accept what I think are "low scores." Any advice for further studying or words of encouragement? Thanks!

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    You'll be fine!! Good luck!!
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    You will do great! You are definitely ready to take the exam right now.

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