1. hello all<br>i am an international nurse and i took my first test on 9th june 2011 but i failed it (i studied from saunders comp. review).<br>i bought kaplan Q bank and studied it (it was money back gurantee, can i claim my money?)&nbsp;<br>then i took my nclex rn test second time in dec. 19 2011 but unfortunately i failed again<br><br>i dont know my studying techniques are not enough or its my badluck<br><br>please prescribe my some courses or books.. please<br>i found this course.. (<a href=""></a>&nbsp tell me is this good or not<br><br>please prescribe me some books and study technique..<br>what should i do to pass nclex rn test...<br><br>only honest answers please... need help.. thanks
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