ncsbn review

  1. 0 I'm so disappointed. Signed up for ncsbn,did their pretest and got 59%
    And to top it all off i have been tyring all morning to do the reviews and its not allowing me. I have 21/2
    Weeks to go.
    This is my second try and i will not be defeated..i am trying my best. I was very surprised at the score but i am not giving up.
    Anyone else have a problem reviewing their questions.
    I've had it!
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    I believe they're having a update to there system. It should be back up soon. Hope that helps ;-)
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    do not give up on the ncsbn review
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    Thx....a bit better now.
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    On the NCSBN you can only review the correct answers if you make 75 or above? I finished the diagnostic test but couldn't review it

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