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nclex4000... Yes or No?

  1. 0 Whats everyone's opinions on the nclex4000. Helpful or not worth the money?
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    nlcex 4000 was very helpful for me especially getting comfortable with sata... there is a free website where you have access to nclex 3500 which is similar. im not sure what it is but google nclex 3500 free try it.
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    NCLEX 3500 is the same as NCLEX 4000 which is the same as NCLEX 10000. The only difference is the number of questions. 3500 has ~ 3500...

    They are okay for content, but the actual wording and style of questions are nothing like the actual NCLEX.
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    i thought it was good just for practice but theres a lot online that you can use without spending much money. i also like the NSCBN review