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Nclex tomorrow

  1. 0 Looking for some advice and encouragement. I test tomorrow. Thanks
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    Quote from abarnes2
    Looking for some advice and encouragement. I test tomorrow. Thanks
    Go in confident! pray and good luck!! you can do it.
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    Pray, be confident, don't stress yourself out today. Sleep early and get a good night's rest and go Pass tomorrow!!!!
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    Good luck and revise little bit , be confident
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    I test tomorrow too! Good luck! I'm sure we'll both do great
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    Thanks! I will!
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    thanks everyone means alot!
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    abarnes, go into the exam relaxed, with no worries in the world. take your time with each question & make sure your option answers the question the best out of all the available options. always think safety. Sata (read each option as a true/false statement, if false, ignore it, if it does not makes sense, ignore it. Go get your RN license. It is waiting for you. Much success.