Nclex Tomorrow 9/11

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    Hey allnursing friends!! It has been great having all the support from each and every one of you. I am finally retaking NCLEX-RN tomorrow at 2pm Eastern Time. Please if you have a minute lift a prayer for me today or tomorrow. I greatly appreciate it and hope to come back after the test tomorrow and share the good news. Thanks in advance. God bless you all.

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    Good luck I pray that the lord guide u to success on your test!!!
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    Good Luck
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    Good luck!!! Take your time, believe in yourself! You can do it!!!
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    Prayers for you!
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    May GODbless you!
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    May God Bless you. Goodluck!
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    May God favor you and bless you!!!! His grace and mercy will guide you through this test.
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    You got this! Believe in yourself and have faith in the lord, he will help u overcome this.....good luck! God bless u!
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    good luck ..........