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    I took my nclex-pn today and the test stop on me at 85...I fell so unsure would love to know if anyone fail the test at 85 question because all I hear is about people passing at 85 question.....I tried the trick of registering again and I got the pop up say I am already registered for a test and can not register at this time is this a GOOD THING? Any advice

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    Congrats!!! I think that means you passed!! How long did you study before you took your test? How was the test?
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    If its says "delivery successful" and you got the good pop up, then more than likely like 98% you passed. I believe in the pop up, it worked for me. I was a non believer at first. Congrats!.
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    Thank you I hope so and I studied for a month everyday reading and questions
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    Congrats , be positive which books did you use i am to take it little in doubt
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    Thanks!.....I use the exam-cram 3rd edition.....and good luck !

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