NCLEX on Sunday..need advice.

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    Hey everyone!! I take NCLEX-RN on Sunday at 8am but since I don't do any work on Saturday my last study day is officially tomorrow. I've been reviewing my weak areas and lab values today. What do you think I should focus on tomorrow my last study day??
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    Just try to a little bit RELAKS coz you STUDY so HARD! have a GOOD SLEEP and REST TOO!! know its HARD heh heh BUT PLEASE TRY to do it! LASTLY PRAY..And dont FORGET TO KEEP up POST HERE! GOODLUCK to YOU!!
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    Thank you hopefaithlove!! I will be resting on Saturday so do you suggest I do the same tomorrow as well?
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    Hi Ellisjc. I would suggest resting. You don't want to go into the test with an overworked, overwhelmed mind. I stopped studying three days before my exam and I am so happy I did. It actually decreased my anxiety (I was feeling overwhelmed trying to cram...which in my opinion doesn't help anyway) and I went into the test feeling rested and prepared.

    Rest your mind and go in there strong! Good luck on Sunday!