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    I took the NCLEX on July 3rd. 1st time around was a success. I used Hurst for review. I strongly recommend Hurst.
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    How did you study with it?
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    took the nclex on july 2nd. i too did th hurst review (online) it help me understand and remember different topics on a short period of time (4 days). i also did questions every day for three weeks like 200 /day. looking back i think doing questions is a better way to practice/ prepares you for th real deal and honestly there are so manythings to cover you barely have time to grasp bits and pieces. doing questions and reading the rationale help you cover more in a shorter amount of time. i used Saunders 6th edition cd questions to practice and nclex3500 &4000.

    good luck to everyone & congratulations to all the rns!!
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    congrats shericas ..What can you say about the exam?/
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    I took mine on the 5th and did the PV trick as soon as I got home. Got quick results today and it was a confirmed pass. I took Kaplan. I did not do questions every day but I would do about 200-300 on the days that I did. I started studying about 2 1/2 weeks before the exam.

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