NCLEX study tips ep. 107

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    So...not quite approved by the state to take the NCLEX. However, now is the time to get ready....

    NCLEX study tips ep. 107

    Did you just graduate nursing school? Are you scared of failing the most important test of your life? The test that is going to determine the rest of your future?? You know what I am talking about.....NCLEX!!

    Here is what I did to prepare for the NCLEX:

    1. Practice Questions
    2. Practice Questions
    3. Practice Questions
    ...oh did I mention practice questions??

    But seriously, I pretty much just did practice questions using 4 different sources. I did 100 questions every day the three days before I took the NCLEX and I studied off and on the couple of weeks before then. As I answered questions I would think to myself:

    1. Is this a priority question?
    a. Yes, apply ABC'S
    2. Is this a Maslows question?
    a. Yes, go through the levels of Maslow Hierarchy
    3. Is this a delegation question?
    a. Know who you can delegate task to and who you cannot.
    4. Are there any key terms such as;
    a. priority
    b. next
    c. needs further education

    The four sources I used were:

    1. Davis Q&A for the NCLEX-RN EXAMINATION2. Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN EXAMINATION3. REA's Interactive Flashcards NCLEX-RN4. NCLEX RN Mastery app for phone

    Hope this helps! Best of Luck! Remember you just passed nursing school, you know how to be a safe nurse, you can pass the NCLEX.

    DearNew Nurse

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