NCLEX study partner/group - Los Angeles

  1. Looking for a study partner in Los Angles or around the Long Beach area for NCLEX. Can Skype if it's easier than getting together. I really need to focus and I think having an accountability partner and possible weekly meeting to maybe study together. I'm looking to take the exam by June or July. Email me at Thanks!
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  3. by   torresm13
    I'm looking for the same thing. I live in NJ but we could skype if you are interested. I will email you if that is ok.
  4. by   skane
    I am definitely looking for a study partner, but I am in NJ :/ If there is anyone out there who has taken the exam and wants to have a study buddy Im here!! looking to take the exam in May
  5. by   mali_santizo
    Hi!! I live in LA!!! Hollywood area, but I work from 8-4pm days off: Mon. And Tues. I can Skype. And study in person . I'm thinking to set the boards in August. But the sooner the better. I find it difficult to study by myself. I'm a visual and auditive learner. My contact is
  6. by   ThatGirl91
    Hi! NY here! We could skype if you want. Anybody else who's interested just add me on skype: yumichellef