nclex rn tomorrow!!!  please pray for me nclex rn tomorrow!!! please pray for me | allnurses

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nclex rn tomorrow!!! please pray for me

  1. 0 tomorrow is my big day. and i am so nervous and anxious. please pray for me so i can pass. hope i will give u good news soon. any last minute suggestions are most welcome.
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    Good luck!!!!
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    thank u so much
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    Hi raj..ALL THE BEST for tomorrow...relax you will do not let your anxiety over ride you..keep in mind to stay calm i know it is difficult but just try..
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    Good luck!! You are on my prayers.
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    Whi raj wish u all the very best��.
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    Good luck
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    GOOD LUCK!!!! once again, you are in my thoughts and prayers!!
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    Good luck!!
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    Best wishes. Just prayed for you.
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    Prayers for you!
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    Good luck!! Take a breath and answer each question to the best of your ability, do not focus on the previous question or the # of question you get!! =))