NCLEX RN tomorrow 11/24 in California

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    I have NCLEX RN tommorow . What should I study in last few hours of Exam.
    I am little nervous. After Exam I will let you guys know what happened, Please pray for me. I studied Sauders, Kaplan, Judith Miller Review, NCSBN, Hurst Review, NCLEX RN in a flash.

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    I hope you pass!

    is the judith miller review like the hurst review?
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    These are DVD videoes. I love them all. This is a wonderful review.

    This is the only review which I remember most.
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    I saw the website and it says $995 for 17 dvd's. No way I can afford that
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    Good luck to you, qamarriaz!
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    Good luck!
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    Did you pass?

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