NCLEX rn tommorow NYC

  1. 0 i have always been a silent member here at allnurses and tomoro at 1pm is the third time ill be taking the test. i dont feel really nervous, mixed emotions. i used kaplan and my question trainer scores wer qt161, qt289, frgot my q3 score, qt4 54, qt5- 61, qt6-55, qt7-57.. my scores are really low esp on qt 6 and 7. i really need motivation and inspiration for tomoro. i pray and pray, to God be the glory!!
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    Good luck to you.
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    I pray that you have peace while you take your exam. I know that you will pass. God is Great!!!!!! Many blessings to you!
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    thank you so much. i am hoping for the best!!
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    Good luck!
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    Also, forgot to say it is not as bad as we make ourselves believe it is-you can do it
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    Goodluck! you can do it!

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