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nclex-RN exam 3 weeks from now

  1. 0 so i have been reviewing for 3 weeks now.. and i still have 3 weeks more for my exam. I'm done with La Charity book, scored like 50-75%

    then I read saunders.. well, i just go through with it.

    I did ncsbn 3 week course. scored 55-70%

    im answering the nclex 3500 from time to time.. scored like 60 - 70%

    Now, i notice that.. i seldom get a score of 75% and above.. I usually get 60%

    I really think that i will never be ready for the exam
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    hey focus on SATA questons mental health,peads obs gyne, managment delegation,ethical issues,infection control,religious care...they are focusingon these areas