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    I took nclex RN today and checked pearsons website to see if I got a good pop up and it told me that my test results are on hold! What does this mean? Did I pass or not?

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    Btw I got shut off at 75 questions and I had all priorty and Sata questions with one math.
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    From what I've seen it's not good
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    I heard if you didn't get to the "credit card" page you are in the clear...
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    Did it say to contact your board
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    I heard it can go either way with that. Apparently they monitor tests in a random fashion, I wouldn't give up just yet.
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    first off good luck..i take mine in a few weeks any tips of things that I should look up things out of the ordinary or that u didnt expect
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    did you end up passing?

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