NCLEX review course- which one? NCLEX review course- which one? | allnurses

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NCLEX review course- which one?

  1. 0 I have been out of nursing school (RN) for nearly 2 years. I took the boards and failed (once). I've been afraid to even try again.... My confidence is so low! I know I need to do it, and am wondering what you think the BEST review course would be. I think a course is needed and can only afford to take one. Please, I welcome your thoughts.
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    Now of course each person is different, but I used Kaplan. I did majority of the qbank questions and all of the question trainers. Hurst is great for content review, but of the two I think Kaplan questions are most similar to NCLEX style passing level questions. I took the NCLEX last Monday for the first time and passed in under 100 questions.
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    I did both Kaplan and Hurst. I think that Kaplan was the most help on the test. But if you've been out of school for two years I would pair Kaplan with Saunders for content.