NCLEX retest in 6days

  1. 0 Taking NCLEX for 2nd time....any words of wisdom....I need b/c my anxiety is kicking in already.....I am staying postive and I am very determined not to let my nerves get the best of me this time....I got this and next week will complete the goal that I have been working soooo hard to complete....God Bless and goodnight!!!
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    Hi! i do understand what you are feeling right at this moment as i've experienced that weeks before my exam (i took my exam last Sept14-second time). On the day of the exam, dont let the anxiety control you, be focus and do deep breathing exercise. Focus on what the question is asking you. Dont analyze the question as a high or low level question. Just analyze the situation and the question. You got this. Believe on yourself and have faith.
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    Thank you sooooo much @Yownyown I am starting to get excited and reciting positive affirmations when you retested did you test at the same testing center or did you changes sites

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