NCLEX Results- Testing on a Friday, when will I see results??

  1. Hey all, I posted this in the AZ thread & wanted to get some additional feedback here!
    In AZ we get our results very quickly (generally within 24 hours on the BON website), so that may vary your responses, but heres my concern:

    I took my NCLEX-PN last year on a Thursday afternoon & got the results the next day. The same thing happened with my sister. Not only did I see that I passed on the AZ board of nursing website, but I also had my license card the very next day after testing. Now that I have my NCLEX-RN scheduled for 2 weeks from today (a Friday), I'm getting nervous thinking I'll have to sit through a whole weekend! So do any of you or anyone you know have any experience with testing on a Friday? I'm hoping to hear someone has seen their results up on a Saturday!!
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  3. by   cindyy
    I heard that only business days count! But I havent personally taken the test yet... Sorry! But GOODLUCK TO US ALL!
  4. by   caliotter3
    Good luck on your test. You will live.