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Nclex pvt

  1. 0 Im from california
    My computer stopped at 143
    I did the pvt and it took me to cc page
    So i want to know if pvt is 100% true that if i got the cc pge that means i failed
    So that i can prepare with extra effort for my next test just incase i didnt pass
    So has anybody got the cc page and yet passed the nclex-pn
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    from what i've heard the pvt is pretty accurate. But i would wait for 48hrs and do the quick result for $7.95, that is if your state participate in the quick result program. Good luck Hun.
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    I think there was a thread in this forum that has the same question re:PVT.Just wait for your result, but as they say hustle while u wait. keep yourself busy. As for myself, I took my NCLEX 12-12-13 for Cali, but since Cali doesn't participate in Quick Results, I did PVT and had a good pop up. For myself since I'm wasn't sure that PVT on my part will be effective ,what I did the following days/week was study, need to anyways for Job interview or in case I didn't make it . Be ready