NCLEX-PN vs NCLEX-RN. Which was harder?

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    For those that have taken both the PN and RN exams, would you mind shedding light on which you felt was more difficult, and why?

    Thanks in advance.
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    LPN is easier but content wise its about the same. Delegation/Management those types of questions are different and there arn't many on LPN test, but the RN test is almost all Priority / Delegation / What do you do wen....LPN was a lot of disease and few medicationlil to no delegation
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    nclex-pn i will not say easier bec. i took it it was hard it has also priority questions i got 15 medication 1 sata on medication.....25SATA , 1 hot spot , 1 drag and drop ....i gues the only difference is in management delegation, priority on staff members, and teaching and assessing pt. .....thats what i think ....i also took rn-nclex too
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