Nclex PN- Shut off at 85 :)

  1. 1 Just took my PN Nclex this am. I think it took me around an hour and 15 mins. It shut off as soon I finished question 85. As soon as I got into the parking lot I tried to re-register and got the good pop up!!! So excited that it is over. I think 50% of my test was SATA questions!!!
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    Mine too I took it yesterday morning, got 85 questions and I had majority SATA. It seems like they just kept coming. I had a lot of priority too. A few pharm, one EKG strip and 5 ordered response. I also got the good pop up! Congratulations to you!!!
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    What are SATA questions? I'm just starting nursing.. just curious!
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    They are "select all that apply" questions. The question may have 5 or 6 possible answers and you have to pick any that apply to that answer. They usually have about 2-4 responses that are correct. They are harder questions to answer.
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    I'm happy to say that 24 hours after taking the NCLEX my results were listed on the Ky Board of Nursing with my status as "LPN". They aren't even on pearson vue yet!!! Saved myself $7.95!!

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