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NCLEX-PN repeat 4th try in 2 weeks

  1. 0 Hello all!

    I am taking nclex-pn for the 4th time in 2 weeks (about time). I kept postponing because I felt I just wasn't ready and now it's just 2 weeks away. =O I am deathly scared...consider it being my 4th try. The thought of receiving the "failed" letter in the mail just scares me.

    Any pointers would be of great help.
    I am currently using Kaplan Strategies & Saunders for questions.
    Is that good enough???
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    Goodluck to you! Believe and be confident most, specially Pray! YOU CAN DO IT
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    Use exam cram PN just do the questions daily 100 or so that should help you!!!!
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    You can do it, u just need to believe in ur self!!!
    I use exam cram, Lippricont, and 2 other that u have, I'm going on Monday its my first time ahhh
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    Thank you!

    Aleska25 - Good luck!!! You can do it!
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    Quote from 2Bnursexo
    Thank you!

    Aleska25 - Good luck!!! You can do it!
    Thank you but i think i failed well i will know in 1 week, for shore
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