NCLEX PN Pearson Vue trick...

  1. I'm so nervous about my results. I think I might have failed and so I tried the Vue Trick. What does it mean if it says, "Pearson Vue will contact you within 72 hours to complete the processing of your order" mean? Did I fail??? Please, some one respond. Thanks
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  3. by   LeeLeeTheGPN
    Did you do it right? I've never heard of anyone getting that message before...
  4. by   Truthhall
    You have to sign in to ur original account and try to register again!
  5. by   estela86
    NCLEX PN Pearson Vue trick does work. I FAILED feels awful to know after so much work and effort. Going for my second attempt though...
  6. by   estela86
    I did it right...