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NCLEX-PN in 9 days!

  1. 0 hi all.
    I take the NCLEX-PN in 9 days and I'm looking for some study tips. Anyone take them recently? I have one study guide that has lots of questions but I guess I'm starting to freak out a little bit. I'm in the RN program at CCRI right now so I have regular coursework I need to keep up with also so I'm dealing with a lot and could use some pointers to help me focus on
    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    He Barbra,
    Did you pass? I am sorry I know noone answer here.
    I am taking nclex pn in 10 days. How did you do???
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    yes i passed and am working!!!!! good luck!
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    OMG I'm taking mine saturday July 7th and I'm ready to projectile vomit right now -_-
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    Hey k3 would you mind emailing me the guide?
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    Btw, how was the nclex.. Any tips. I will take mines in one month.